Healthiest Vegetarian Dog Food

Healthy Vegetarian Dog Food

The Healthiest Vegetarian Dog Food is California Gold Small Dog Pet Food

Our Healthy vegetarian dog food formula:
1) All-natural Real Food
2) No Chemicals
3) No Wheat, Sugar, Dairy
4) No Gluten
5) No Animal Products
6) FREE Protein and Vitamin & Mineral packs included


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Try the healthiest vegetarian dog food for FREE
just pay $2.00 handling
A small bag of our 2 vegetarian formulas,
Vegetarian Oats Formula and Vegetarian Rice Formula

California Gold is truly a healthy all-natural, REAL FOOD vegetarian diet for all breeds and all sizes.. Made with REAL human-grade food and no fillers, preservatives or chemicals that can harm your beloved dogs, it gives them the healthy natural nutrition their bodies need to thrive and have beautiful, soft-as-silk coats. This is the healthiest vegetarian dog food available.
2LB bag Oats formula
13oz bag Rice formula
California Gold Pet Food


California Gold Pet Food Oats Formula.
This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our pet's food.

California Gold does not contain any animal product. See: "Why pet food is recalled". We believe in supplying you with the cleanest and healthiest vegetarian dog food from the beginning.

These are just some of the benefits of California Gold. (see more benefits)

For all breeds and all sizes

These pet food formulas are great for both small and large dogs. When we developed the formulas ( 26+ years ago) we started feeding this food to pugs, so we named it "small dog pet food". Yet, many of our "pug" customers started feeding it to other breeds and large dogs with the same success/benefits.


All amino acids, vitamins and minerals supplied

If you have any fears regarding the debate of meat vs. no meat in a dog's diet, rest assured that--with ample research on this subject--the amino acids necessary for a dog's health can be found in plant protein. We supply a human-grade soy protein supplement that not only contains all the amino-acids necessary, but we also supply the vitamins and minerals in a separate extra packet of human-grade ingredients.
Here is an excellent article on the amino-acids and requirements for dogs and this University of New England trial/test published in the British Journal of Medicine should alleviate the fears.

California Gold Rice Formula California Gold Pet Food Rice Formula.
This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our pet's food.

2 Formulas to choose from
Return Policy: Please note this food contains no preservatives and should be kept refrigerated once opened.
Due to its perishability, it is not returnable.
We recommend ordering only 1 or 2 small bags the first time
to make sure your pet will like it before ordering large quantities.

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