best dog food small dogs

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs



California Gold is the best dog food for small dogs:
1) All-natural Real Food
2) No chemicals
3) No Soy, Wheat, Sugar, Dairy
4) No Gluten
5) No Preservatives


California Gold is truly the best food for small dogs, healthy all-natural, REAL FOOD diet for dogs under 40lbs. Made with REAL human-grade food and no fillers, preservatives or chemicals that can harm your beloved dogs.

This gives the small breed dogs the healthy natural nutrition their bodies need to thrive and have beautiful, soft-as-silk coats. This is the best dog food for small dogs available.

If you treat your pet as a member of your family, why not feed your dog the best food? Would you like your dog to be the healthiest possible? Then you should feed it California Gold Small Dog Pet Food--a dog food especially for the small breed.

What is the best pet food for small dogs?

California Gold Small Dog Pet Food was formulated by small dog owners and for small dogs. If you are unsure this is the best for your dog you can try a sample with free shipping. Your dog will love it!


  • Real Food (Whole food)
    Not artificial or processed

  • Limited Ingredient Food
    Minimizes food allergies

  • Raw Veggies & Fruit
    Not cooked (except when cooking rice formula), therefore preserving nutrients

  • Weight Control--feeding portions according to dog size chart included on each label

  • HIgh Quality Control: each bag of the best small breed dog food prepared and filled individually and manually

  • Controlling Contamination: no processing and shipping of meat or dairy products

  • Vitamin and Mineral Potency: supplied separately, not cooked or processed

  • Time Tested: 26 years on the market feeding small dogs.


Many small breed dogs have allergies or allergic reactions caused by products such as wheat glutten. soy and soy products and corn by-products. California Gold Small Dog Pet Food does not contain any wheat or wheat by products, no soy or soy-products, and no corn or corn by-products. California Gold ingredients are oats (or brown rice), vegetables and the packets of protein, vitamins and minerals—nothing else! All are human-grade.

There a very large number of dogs that itch constantly. Many of these cases are not a cause of the food they eat. Many of these cases are due to a low tolerance of environmental factors and many are due to hereditary factors including over breeding and passing on health issues genetically from one generation to the next and on and on.

From the many small breed dogs I have owned, rescued and those pet owners who I have talked to, I have seen that no matter what dog food you switch to, in the case of genetic health issues, the itch continues. In this case you would have to spend a large amount of money in allergy testing and it usually doesn't show one main culprit. I have yet to see research on anything that alleviates this in a natural way, except for a result that a customer of mine with dogs that itched a lot.

She gave them cod liver oil. Other than this case, unfortunately anti-histamines and steroids would make life a little easier, but then you are introducing more chemicals and both of these aids are not to be used in a prolonged way and steroids can cause serious issues. Consult your veterinarian or health professional.

There is a popularity amongst small dog owners with "grain-free" pet food. Some believe that grains in the dog food are the cause of their allergies. This is seldom the true case, grain allergy is very rare. However if you wish to feed your dog a grain-free pet food we do have a formula for you.


What is the best dog food for small dogs?

Limited ingredient dog food

Gluten-free dog food

Small Breed Dog Food

Dog food free shipping

Good quality dog food




best small dog food

Small Breed Dog Food

Limited ingredient dog food

Gluten-free dog food

Dog food free shipping

Good quality dog food



1) All-Natural Real Food
2) No Chemicals
3) No Soy, Wheat, Sugar, Dairy
4) No Gluten
5) No Preservatives
6) Limited Ingredients
7) Free packet of vitamins/minerals in each bag

1) All-natural Real Food means nothing artificial, nothing processed, you can see the real food.
2) Nothing has been added to alter the food. Vitamins, minerals are separate in a packet
3) Wheat and dairy are at the top of the allergenic list. Soy can be allergenic and sugar can cause many problems.
4) Gluten can cause health disorders
5) Preservatives usually come in many very unhealthy chemicals.
6) The fewer ingredients in the food the more you can control your dog's health
7) Instead of processing (therefore ruining) the vitamins and minerals with the food, we supply them separately


(new customers only)
Try samples of the best dog food for small dogs!
California Gold Small Dog Food formulas with FREE shipping!


Three formulas to choose from:
1) Oats Veggies N' Fruits Formula
2) Rice Veggies N' Fruits Formulas
3) Grain-Free Veggies N' Fruits Formula

California Gold Pet Food Oats Veggies N' Fruit Formula


California Gold Small Dog Pet Food
Oats Veggies N' Fruits Formula.

This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our dog's food.

This is a limited ingredient dog food. This is close to the Canids (wolves, foxes, jackals, dogs, coyotes) original diet in nature. (Their prey at greens, fruits, grain). We only leave one thing out--the possible contamination from animal products (eggs, meat,etc). California Gold does not contain any animal product and there is a big the reason why we don't have meat or meat products in our food: "Why pet food is recalled")

What we hear is that dog food is recalled because it was contaminated, usually by an organism in the food that can cause illness in the dog--such as salmonella. Salmonella is usually associated with animal producst such as eggs, egg products, meat, meat products, etc.

This is the main reason why we don't have meat or meat products in our dog food. California Gold Small Dog Food does not contain any animal products.


We believe in supplying you with the cleanest and healthy small dog food from the beginning. You can then be the supervisor of introducing the best, healthiest specific selection of meat or animal product from your kitchen into the food for your pet (see how easy it is to do this). This what makes it the best dog food for small dogs available.

These are just some of the benefits of California Gold Small Dog Food (see more benefits).

California Gold Rice Veggies N' Fruits Formula California Gold Small Dog Pet Food
Rice Veggies N' Fruits Formula.

This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our dog's food.

Limited Ingredient food, helps eliminate allergies.
NO Soy*
NO Wheat
NO Corn
NO Sugar
NO Additives

* except for in the vegetarian formula

California Gold Grain-free Formula California Gold Small Dog Pet Food
Grain-Free Formula.

This is exactly what you will get in your bag --plus the free vitamin/mineral packet. No more guessing what's in our dog's food.
small dog food

Would you let your pup starve over 50 cents?
Because that's all it costs for a feeding of the healthiest dog food available, California Gold Small Dog Pet Food.

Do you know what it costs to go to vet for one visit? A lot more than 50 cents. Real healthy nutrition can prevent many visits to the vet. Do the math; then order the samples, with free shipping of the best dog food for small dogs available.

If your pup likes it, you will be doing a lot of good with your 50 cents.The samples are available here.

Thank you for thinking of your pup as a healthy member of your family.


Think of it this way:
Would you feed your child cereal out of a box for a lifetime, careful not to give any "real food" because the box tells you it's "nutritionally complete and fortified with vitamins and essential minerals"? No, of course you wouldn't. So ask yourself,
Why are you doing this to your dog?
Buy them only the best dog food for small dogs.

From Wikipedia

  In 37 BCE Virgil talks about the feeding of dogs in his Bucolics:

Nec tibi cura canum fuerit postrema; sed una Veloces Spartae catulos, acremque Molossum, Pasce sero pingui:[2]

"Do not let the care of dogs be last; but the swift Spartan hounds, and fierce Mastiff, Feed the whey"

  Around 70 CE, Columella wrote his book On Agriculture in which he addresses the feeding of dogs:

Cibaria fere eadem sunt utrique generi praebenda. Nam si tam laxa rura sunt, ut sustineant pecorum greges, omnis sine discrimine hordeacea farina cum sero commode pascit. Sin autem surculo consitus ager sine pascuo est, farreo vel triticeo pane satiandi sunt, admixto tamen liquore coctae fabae, sed tepido, nam fervens rabiem creat. [3]

"Provisions of victuals are almost the same for both [types of dog]. If the fields are so large as to sustain herds of animals, barley meal mixed with whey is a convenient food. But if it is an orchard without grain, spelt or wheat bread is fed mixed with the liquid from cooked beans, but warm, for boiling creates rabies."

  In the Avesta, written from 224 to 651 CE, Azura Mazda advises:

Bring ye unto him milk and fat with meat; this is the right food for the dog.[4]

  In France, the word pâtée began to appear in the 18th century and referred to a paste originally given to poultry. In 1756, a   dictionary indicates it was made of a mixture of bread crumbs and little pieces of meat given to pets.[5]

  In 1781, an encyclopedia mentioned an earlier practice of removing the liver, heart, and blood of a downed stag and mixing it   with milk, cheese, and bread; and then giving it to dogs.[6]

  In 1844, the French writer, Nicolas Boyard, warned against even giving tallow graves (the dregs of the tallow pot) to dogs, though   the English favored them (see below), and suggested a meat-flavored soup:

By a misguided economy dogs are given meat scraps and tallow graves; one must avoid this, because these foods make them heavy and sick; give them twice a day a soup of coarse bread made with water, fat and the bottom of the stew pot; put a half-kilogram of bread at least in each soup.[7]

  In England, care to give dogs particular food dates at least from the late eighteenth century, when The Sportsman's dictionary (1785) described the best diet for a dog's health in its article "Dog":

A dog is of a very hot nature: he should therefore never be without clean water by him, that he may drink when he is thirsty. In regard to their food, carrion is by no means proper for them. It must hurt their sense of smelling, on which the excellence of these dogs greatly depends.

Barley meal, the dross of wheatflour, or both mixed together, with broth or skim'd milk, is very proper food. For change, a small quantity of greaves from which the tallow is pressed by the chandlers, mixed with their flour ; or sheep's feet well baked or boiled, are a very good diet, and when you indulge them with flesh it should always be boiled. In the season of hunting your dogs, it is proper to feed them in the evening before, and give them nothing in the morning you take them out, except a little milk. If you stop for your own refreshment in the day, you should also refresh your dogs with a little milk and bread.[8]

  (Greaves, which was often recommended for dogs, is "the sediment of melted tallow. It is made into cakes for dogs' food. In   Scotland and parts of the US it is called 'cracklings'."[9])[dubious – discuss]

  In 1833, The Complete Farrier gave similar but far more extensive advice on feeding dogs:[10]

The dog is neither wholly carnivorous nor wholly herbivorous, but of a mixed kind, and can receive nourishment from either flesh or vegetables. A mixture of both is therefore his proper food,[11] but of the former he requires a greater portion, and this portion should be always determined by his bodily exertions.

  It was not until the mid-1800s that the world saw its first food made specifically for dogs. An American electrician, James Spratt,   concocted the first dog treat. Living in London at the time, he witnessed dogs around a shipyard eating scraps of discarded   biscuits. Shortly thereafter he introduced his dog food, made up of wheat meals, vegetables and meat. By 1890 production had   begun in the United States and became known as "Spratt’s Patent Limited".

  In later years, dog biscuit was sometimes treated as synonymous with dog food:

The first three prize winners at the late coursing meeting at Great Bend were trained on Spratt's Patent Dog Biscuit. This same dog food won no less than three awards, including a gold medal, at the Exposition in Paris which has just closed. It would seem that the decision of the judges is more than backed up by the result in the kennel. Another good dog food is that manufactured by Austin & Graves, of Boston. They, too, seem to be meeting with great success in their line.[12]

  Canned horse meat was introduced in the United States under the Ken-L Ration brand after WWI as a means to dispose of   deceased horses. The 1930s saw the introduction of canned cat food and dry meat-meal dog food by the Gaines Food Co. By   the time WWII ended, pet food sales had reached $200 million. In the 1950s Spratt's became part of General Mills. For   companies such as Nabisco, Quaker Oats, and General Foods, pet food represented an opportunity to market by-products as   a  profitable source of income.


Return Policy: Please note this food contains no preservatives and should be kept refrigerated once opened.
Due to its perishability, it is not returnable, nor are there refunds.
We recommend ordering samples the first time
to make sure your dog will like it before ordering large quantities.


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