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What is the best dog food for small dogs?

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(l to r) Jasmine, Molly & Bruno

Bruno Novi, owner and operator has been a dog owned person since a child. In adolescent years, he changed his food diet completely and followed a super nutritious way and still does to this day and now incorporates the healthy wholesome nutrition into his dog food.

Bruno had a very rewarding time of 11 years of pug rescue which included co-founding of San Diego Pug Rescue and co-creating the famous and successful "The Pug Party Fundraisers" (which raised thousands of dollars for the pugs) that now has inspired many pug rescue groups throughout the country.

This rescue time, was where California Gold Small Dog Food was developed, to provide the most nutritious food for these needy doggies.

California Gold Pet Food has been on the market for over 25 years. Many of our customers have brought up their pups on our food and many have enjoyed a very healthy long life. We believe this is the best dog food for small dogs.



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